The Acoustic Apprentice – Day 2

Session 1

Rob practices strumming his rhythms

Rob practices strumming his rhythms

Today we began our first session working on reading chord charts and recognising common notation symbols – repeats, slash charts and rhythm notation. This led us on to standard chord progressions found in popular music with a focus on recognising cadences – specifically the perfect candence (V7 to the I) with an emphasis on developing aural skills.

Session 2

Our second session continued on the chord theme, integrating ‘sus2’ and ‘sus4’ chords into chord sequences. A great example of this was the use of the ‘sus4’ chord in The Who’s ‘Pinball Wizard’.

Heather learns 'Pinball Wizard'

Heather learns 'Pinball Wizard'

Session 3

After lunch we started learning Snow Patrol’s ‘Run’. This song uses a simple, but affective, even eighth note rhythm pattern played with down strums over the chords of C, G, Am and F.

Session 4

The Spider Exercise

The Spider Exercise

Our final session of the day began with a subject discussed over a cup of tea – building finger strength. We covered two exercises 1. The Caterpillar and 2. The Spider.

We then continued our study on acoustic blues with a major style blues in the key of E. This piece included a walking bass line and harmonised lines using thirds and sixths.


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