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The Acoustic Apprentice – Day 5

July 29, 2009

Session 1

The class rehearse with guest singer, Mel

The class rehearse with guest singer, Mel

We began the morning by rehearsing our performance songs for the student concert, playing through ‘Run’ and Everybody Hurts’ in preparation for our two guest vocalists to join us in the afternoon sessions.

Session 2

After a long practice session we broke up the morning with a session on bass lines and how to apply them to chords and melodies, with a particular focus to the classic rock riff ‘Smoke on the Water’ – Deep Purple.

Richard performs a fingerstyle arrangement of Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’

Session 3 & 4

Our afternoon sessions were one again dedicated to rehearsing the performance songs with the vocalists Mel (‘Everybody Hurts’) and Nick (‘Run’), to whom we are extremely grateful to for joining us.

International student, Avalon, practices her RH finger picking pattern to Richard’s chords: G & Em